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Famous Motivational Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. Is there a website to find motivational quotes by historic s and the reference page?

    Im looking for motivational quotes by famous historics such as Seneca Epictetus Livy Zeno Kempis Bede, and so on. Im wondering if any one knows a website where i can search quotes and they will have the book that quote came from as well as page number. Any help would be great! Im looking for specific authors, but i NEED the book and the page it came from. thats where im having trouble

  2. What famous quote is written outside cricket dressing room.?

    At Lords/The Oval there is a famous quote/motivational speech written outside the home (English) dressing room and would like to know what it is.

  3. I am putting together a book of motivational quotes that I am going to sell. Are there any copyright issues?

    I want to sell a book filled with a compilation of motivational quotes. I want to use quotes from various sources such as famous people(actors, motivational speakers, politicians, authors, etc), short quotes taken from books, etc. Most quotes will be short. Since I plan on selling copies of this book for a profit.....Can I legally use other peoples quotes in my book without violating any copyright issues or restrictions? What can I do legally?

  4. Would you kindly recommend me the websites that contains famous and motivational poems?

    And do you know the most famous authors of motivational poems, books, stories writeres? Woould you kindly suggest me ?

  5. Motivational quote about determination from a famous person?

    So the thing is, I was asked to write a speech as the head of a particular board in my school. I'd like to leave a lasting impression by opening with a motivational quote about determination to achieve something while at the same time expected to abide by my educational responsibilities as a student.. Help please. Thanks.

  6. Where can I get good motivational quotes texted to my phone?

    Preferably free, but I'll be willing to pay too. Good quotes in general that can be texted to my phone every morning. That would be amazing. Thanks!

  7. could I get in trouble for starting a website involving quotes?

    I want to start a website using motivational quotes from famous people and so on. (yes, I know many books have already been written on them,) but is it copyright infringement to use quotes like that? (Not from the books, from the original person) Ex: "the success of your next project lies within the failures of your current piece." (that's my favorite quote)

  8. What are some GOOD inspirational quotes?

    by famous people. or motivational quotes that i can use for my senior speeh i meant to say senior speech

  9. Can you find lots of pregame and halftime motivational speeches that I can hear on the internet for football?

    I don't care who the coach is. Could be old, young, famous or not. Just looking for good motivational speeches by football coaches.