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Motivational Quotes Of The Day Questions Answered!

  1. How to I get excel to reference to a different cell incrementing each day?

    I have a spread sheet that is my training schedule for running, what I want to do is have a different motivational quote each day. The list of quotes starts at A50. I have another cell that is =DAY(TODAY()) which gives the numerical day, for instance today it shows 18, tomorrow it will show 19. That might help, might not. I want my A4 cell to reference A50 today, but A51 tomorrow.

  2. Can you please tell me some motivational quotes?

    My friend is going through a really bad time, through depression. I want to find a way of making each day start off well for her so i decided to give her a motivational quote every morning so she can start her day happy. It would be so amazing if you could give me some, I've already made up a bunch of them but I don't have a brilliant mind to come up with phrases worth quoting. So could I maybe have some motivational quotes, any quote would be great but it would be even better if they could be based on beauty (Everyone being beautiful). :) thank you.

  3. What are some motivational quotes for pregnant women, unexpected pregnancy?

    My friend just found that she is 2 months pregnant. It was an unexpected pregnancy and she is very devastated, depressed, etc. She feels that her life is over and can no longer continue on with higher education, etc. What are some motivational quotes that I can share with her?

  4. Does anyone have any good motivational quotes ?

    I've been feeling a little down lately , and good motivational quotes help me a lot .. Can someone help me out ?

  5. What are some really good inspiring quotes?

    I'm really down in the dumps and i need some inspiring, motivational quotes as a pick me up.

  6. Any inspiring or motivational quotes to face difficulties in life?

    I want any motivational quotes so that i can write them down on a paper and paste them on my wall of my room. So that every morning i look upto them will keep me motivated throughout the day

  7. What are the best positive affirmations that I should put around my bedroom?

    If possible, include a few websites that include pictures with the affirmation so I can put it around my bedroom. Also, what are the best motivational quotes that I should put around my bedroom? Again, if possible, include a few websites that include pictures with the motivational quote so I can put it around my bedroom. What are the benefits of putting pictures with affirmations or motivational quotes around my bedroom?

  8. What is a good quote I can send to my marine?

    What is a good, motivational quote to send to a marine.. One about faith, hope, love, or anything of that nature but not one to bring him down. And about life

  9. what are some inspirational quotes for a teenage boy thats been thru rough times?

    his dad had a few affairs and his parents split and divorced recently. he's 16 and has a girlfriend thats stuck with him thru it all. what are some quotes or sayings to help him live a better example of a life and not live with all that baggage.,. just any inspiring motivational quotes. THANKS!