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Inspirational Friendship Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. Why am I, and many people of the world, drawn to 'quotes of wisdom'?

    I've always wondered why I loved reading inspirational, friendship and life-in-general quotes. Is it because I find comfort in knowing that other people undergo the same stress, pain, and feelings that I do? Or is it because I love being inspired and I am a curious individual? Does all of humanity enjoy being the part of one whole that feels attached through feelings and emotions?

  2. What are some good inspirational quotes?

    Quotes about relationships and trying not to worry about losing someone in my family. I've lost alot of people on my life and I want some quotes that will make me feel a little bit better. Thank You!! :)

  3. what are some good quotes to say to my sorority sisters?

    i am going to retreat (a weekend-long meeting to discuss business for the coming semester) with my sorority and need an inspirational quote what are some quotes that inspire you or some great sister or friendship quotes?

  4. Can you give me some inspirational quotes about family?

    I need it because it's our project. Just put meaningful quotes according to my teacher.

  5. I need some really nice inspirational quotes?

    Sometime next week I am planning on going around my small town and leaving post it notes around the stores to make people feel better during the day. I need short little quotes, but nothing just like 'Live your life to it's fullest!' something a little deeper and thoughtful. the length doesn't really matter, as long as it would fit nicely on a post it without being written super tiny.

  6. Inspirational quotes about friendship or love?

    I'm making a video for my friend, I need quotes that are really cute and inspirational about strong friendships and love. Please help.