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Famous Friendship Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. What are some of your favorite quotes?

    Hi I wanted to hear some famous quotes. They can be from any real person or a fictional character. Dont forget to explain what you think it means and if its a fictional character then say where from. Also do you know of a good book thats just about quotes handed down through history? Why are they your favorite?

  2. can anyone list all the famous quotes they can?

    quotes that make sense, that everyone uses, famous quotes that everyone knows or may not kow but is a famous quote anyways, quotes of life, quotes of chocolate....of anything. dont forget the love quotes because those are the cuteist but sometimes not.

  3. What are some meaningful and famous quotes?

    From a movie or book or a significant person. Maybe something you've been told before? Do you have any quotes, statements, musings, poetic lines that you can share with me? please. naww i love that never been kised one but its too long, I need like a one-liner. thanks for your help so far.

  4. What is that famous quote that says we are easily affected/hurt by those people we love?

    The quote emphasizes that we are more sensitive to those people we love than to others we don't care... something like that.

  5. What is the name of the website that has many different quotes?

    You can post these different quotes to it, and the font and coloring is already done. You can also comment on the quotes, and there's a heart too, if you like it or something. Overall, many of the quotes from there are on facebook. I totally forgot the website's name, but I really liked it.

  6. Does anyone have any good quotes about love or just some cool quote?

    I was wondering if any of yous have a good quote. I was a little leery of putting love because some people are gross and inappropriate. So If you have a clean quote I will except it. Also any friendship quotes

  7. What is a good quote about the relationship of families, more specifically sisters?

    Any quote that is obvioulsy by someone famous or that a teacher would know.

  8. Does anyone know any really good sayings or quotes to live by?

    I am one of those people who loves quotes. But i like them to be about life or love. It can be from any movie or any book. hint hint I love the Twilight Series.

  9. What website can i find quotes from famous people?

    Im looking for a site i was told about i forgot it though. it has a page for almost every famous person and what it is like is. On a persons page. it would have a mini bio and a list of quotes does anyone know the site?