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Broken Friendship Quotes Questions Answered!

  1. I need some good broken friendship quotes?

    Me and My Friend Just Had a fight its a long story and i just need good broken friendship quotes to put as my facebook status. i dont want them to like have big words or words that are hard to pronounce Thanks ! :D

  2. What is a good broken friendship quote?

    I had three best friends. ONe of them is kind of driifting away from me. IT is sad because we are not friends anymore. DOes anyone know any good quotes that i can use that relate to this situation. We are all 13. WE are girly girls. We used to meet at this one restaraunt every friday night and have soo much fun.

  3. does anyone know any good friendship quotes?

    i want some short friendship quotes that say something along the lines of saying that i am waiting for my best friend (like on MSN and at school and everywhere else) and if she is not there i feel lonely and heart broken! does anyone have any good ideas, they don't have to be short! Thanks in advance.

  4. What are some good quotes about a breakup?

    Umm yeah what are some good quotes about a breakup and also some good quotes on broken friendships??? thanks

  5. What are good quotes about a broken friendship?

    She left me for another friend that is actually walks all over her. Good quotes?

  6. Quotes on the loss of a loved one and broken friendships?

    I'm looking for a handful of quotes dealing with both topics. I lost my best friend to suicide, and I lost a close friend due to numerous fights. Inspirational or sad quotes work. But I guess I'm honestly just looking for something to lift my spirits.

  7. can anyone help me think of a meaningful broken friendship quote?

    my best friends mom wont let her hangout with me anymore because her mom says i am a bad influence. ='[ she was my best friend! and honestly my only close friend. all winter break i have been sitting at home because i have no one to hangout with. can you please help me think of some quotes that describes thiis?

  8. I'm editing a photo and need quotes or songs with the following subjects?

    I need there to be: water, Summer and Friendship quotes or just 2 out of three for a song. Preferably country songs and not too cheesy quotes. :D thanks

  9. Website with Broken friendship picture quotes?

    Does anybody know a site that has picture quotes about broken friendship or losing or not talking to a best friend? I've googled it but it doesn't have exactly what I'm looking for. Like sad quotes about losing a friendship, something like that.

  10. What are some good broken friendship quotes?

    my friend thinks i get too much attention. we always fight and i think we finally decided to not be friends anymore. i need a quote to show her that im ready to stop being friends for good